I have seen a surprising number of deals fail these days because of the ‘Mortgage Clause’

You are the Pro and you know what really happened, but if it is because your buyers were denied by the Big Banks, let me encourage you to find a Private Mortgage Broker who has a lot more flexibility. I found one, Bev Brandl at Dominion Lending, 12 years ago who has done miracles for my clients.

Bev works 24/7 like I do for my clients. She has found money for them for the deal when everyone else said no. You need to find someone like her if you want your business to grow and succeed.

I am at the point where all my buyers are vetted by Bev before they get in my car no matter who they say they have been pre-qualified by.

Call me for Bev’s contact info if you are interested. If not, at least find your own Mortgage Pro to work with.

You will make more money.

Doug Monett, Century21